Navigating the Foodservice Channel

Navigating the Foodservice Channel

The hard truth is that getting new products sold into foodservice is expensive and time-consuming, even for the most established, well-known manufacturers. And for newcomers, it’s much more challenging because you face four additional hurdles:

  1. Understanding the channel and how it operates differently from retail
  2. Getting the right product offering
  3. Establishing a sales and marketing presence
  4. Establishing a cost-effective distribution network

Franklin Foodservice Solutions has written Navigating the Foodservice Channel to provide a roadmap for manufacturers who are ready to enter foodservice. It will undoubtedly save you countless hours and thousands of dollars that would be spent on trying to figure it all out for yourself. And it will give you a huge leg up on understanding the complex relationships (and conflicts) that exist among manufacturers, distributors, operators, broker agencies, and the many related organizations at work in the foodservice channel.

Navigating the Foodservice Channel is available as a downloadable PDF eBook, with live links to key industry organizations and other resources. To order your copy, click “Buy Now” below.

Or order the paperback at

Navigating the Foodservice Channel (PDF eBook)
A Guide to Understanding the Foodservice Business
Price: $39.95

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